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Frames are of quality construction consisting of a   3" white linen liner set in a   1 1/2" gold leaf wooden molding with a 1/4" raised shadow trim.   If framing is requested, your painting will arrive fully framed  and ready to hang. The frame size is based on the   dimensionsons of the opening in the frame, that is to say the image size.  So that a 16"x20" frame would have a rebitted opening of 15 5/8" x 19 5/8" to acommodate a standard 16"x20" painting with a 3/8" lip all around to hold the painting in place. This makes our framing a practically "do it yourself " function since all our paintings are standard sizes.
frames.jpg (24115 bytes) Prices of frames         (US$)

12" x 16"    $100

16" x 20"    $130

24" x 30"    $195

24" x 36"    $225

30" x 40"    $285


1/4" Raised Shadow Trim----->

3" Linen Liner----------->

1 1/2" Gold Leaf Moulding----->


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