What Are Giclee Limited Editions ?




The term "Giclee" (pronounced Zhee-Clay) comes from the French Term in this case  meaning " spray of ink" as produced by a state of the art enhanced digital ink jet printer.

How Wm. E Morris Giclees are Created.

Firstly the original artwork is photographed by a highly professional photographer and a high quality transparency is produced. This transparency is then passed on to a graphic artist who scans the photo with a high resolution scanner creating a digital file on a computer.

Secondly the image produced by the computer is studied by Morris and the graphic artist to make sure that the colors are reproduced as accurately as possible to match Morris' original painting.

Thirdly each image is is printed by a state of the art fine art replication plotter by delivering a fine spray of ink containing millions of microscopic droplets of colored inks onto a specially surface treated roll of canvas to produce a print on canvas.

Lastly Morris mounts the print on stretchers, sprays the canvas with a special fixative to protect the work. . The print is then signed and numbered according to a limited number of prints produced thereby increasing its value and finally the print is coated with a special varnish containing ultraviolet filters and stabilizers to further protect the piece from ultraviolet rays and make it a piece of Fine Art for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Each Print is of a limited number produced and certified by the artist. If you buy a piece you will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.